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Bess Rasche

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Bessie V Rasche discovered yoga nearly three decades ago.


When she found the original Hot Hatha Yoga series it became medicine for her in more than just the physical realm. It became her moving-mindful-meditation. It helped her to mitigate the madness of the monkey mind and aided her emotional and psychological healing process.


What started as a way to lose weight became her life long passion. Literally and figuratively, it became about shedding the fat, the extra layers. Soon, she adopted the mantra “take what you need and leave the rest behind”.


Her story is about giving back. From having tissue approximation and a slew of sports and work related injuries, she has suffered from chronic back pain her whole life. Her mission is to help as many people as possible discover the life changing healing benefits of hot yoga.


“When I discovered the Hot Hatha Series, the Ghosh-Bikram lineage of yoga, everything changed for me. I began to restore my body, literally face myself in the mirror and began my life long journey towards healing. I am so grateful and honored to finally give back and lead others toward their path so they may also reap the benefits of this incredible practice”.

  • 30 US dollars
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