Daniel Aaron

Daniel Aaron, author, entrepreneur, coach, yogi and father, who for 3 decades has been ruthlessly devoted to spiritual and personal development, helps people end suffering and create the changes they want to turn their lives into soulful masterpieces. He’s the author of The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World) and currently empowering spiritual folks to create financial freedom


Known as a teacher’s teacher, his renowned yoga teacher trainings, transformational events and breathwork have created powerful results for tens of thousands. He founded the world famous Radiantly Alive center and school in Bali, teaches at Omega Institute as well as through his own courses and events online and in person.


Daniel leads through his own example of awareness, self-mastery and committed dedication to living  the spiritual teachings in daily life, through his work with students and clients as well as in family and business.


A spiritual awakening - from 1992-1995 -  shook him alert to aspects of life and consciousness that are seen by few. Since then he’s been constantly growing into better and better ways of uplifting others to live into their potential.



His own journey includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service; single fathering a 10 year old angel;  and founding, running and selling businesses.


Class Description


Vibrant Life Vinyasa


Daniel Aaron weaves a tapestry of inspiration, education and physical upliftment and restoration through open level vinyasa classes, allowing every student to thrive and grow in every class as well as in their lives off the mat. He infuses the brilliant sequencing with the deeper lessons of yoga philosophy and scripture via stories and wisdom that permeates and empowers every student. He creates environments where people thrive, becoming even more of their most brilliant selves and benefitting all those they come in contact with.