Nikki Keltch

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I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2005, when my son cruz was one years old. I practiced regularly for two years. I had experienced gestational diabetes and along with depression and almost weighing 200lbs. I started to make some personal choices that affected my health and one of them was cycling. The cycling led to Bikram yoga. I changed my diet and worked closely with someone, a professional and in two years I turned everything around. I knew I wanted to go to teacher training and help others achieve health and wellness and feel better like me. I don’t think that I ever really felt that good until I started practicing Hot Yoga. I felt like it was definitely the heat and just struggling to pick up my foot suddenly made everything better. I could tell that I was working hard every single class and my body appreciated what I was doing for it. It really felt like there was no looking back. 

I attended Bikram‘s 9 week teacher training in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2007. It was hard but I did it and the harder part was coming back and being a new teacher. Since then, I have been teaching full-time except for during the pandemic lockdown. It was during that time that once again I saw my body systems quickly take a turn for the worse. My shoulder joint became inflamed and lost range of motion in my shoulder. I quickly got back into the room and began to heal, again. 

It’s without a doubt in my mind after teaching full-time all these years mostly in Chicagoland and back home in Colorado: the story is always the same. It doesn’t matter what background you come from this yoga isn’t about a man! This yoga is about YOU healing. I learned this the most from my students. They continue to come in and validate all the benefits they continue to receive from the Yoga. So, it’s with that motivation that I continue to teach this yoga for the students that keep coming back. And I am there for the new student as well. 

I’m grateful to be in Hawaii and share Aloha. My family comes from the Colorado Southwest going way back. And I have two beautiful sons, Apollo and Cruz, that are growing up, one that’s pretty much grown up; they both grew up with me and Yoga room. All these things I’m grateful for. Grateful for Hot Yoga Maui.