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Attitude of Gratitude Sound Bath

  • East Lipoa Street

Service Description

Bring your loved ones and share the experience of one of Kerri Winner's amazing Sound Baths! You don't have to do or pay anything, just receive! We wish to show our gratitude to the community in the most loving way we know how! If you have not yet experienced one of Kerri's sessions you are in for a real treat. Playing her crystal sound bowls tuned to the Fibonacci sequence 432 hz these bowls are perfectly tuned to resonate not just with the cochlea (snail shaped part of your ear that picks up sound frequency) but also your DNA in every cell in your body which is also a golden ratio fibonacci spiral. These bowls are actual crystal (silica) that excites the silica and crystal structures (phospholipid bilayer) of the cell membrane which is now scientifically proven to be the brain of your cells. If that were not enough, using her knowledge of quantum physics, and expertise in hypnotherapy she uses a 440 hz bowl to create a binaural beat and her hypnosis training to take you into an instant Theta brain wave frequency engaging your subconscious mind to retrain your brain into healing old hurts, and feeling more lovable, enough, and that you deserve your good! You will leave this session feeling more relaxed, and at ease. True healing is not instantaneous, it requires repetition however everyone must start at the beginning. The first step in anything is the hardest to overcome, and this session makes it easy for you. It's Kerri's gift to you, and you deserve this, because you are absolutely enough! PLEASE BOOK THIS SESSION AHEAD OF TIME AS SPACE IS LIMITED! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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By booking this class you agree to our waiver of responsibility by Maui Hot Yoga and Ashtanga. You acknowledge that you are responsible for yourself, and will practice mindfulness within the MHY studio. Floors may be slick with perspiration and steam and could be slippery, and this is a part of doing hot yoga. Be mindful of where you step, and pay attention to your balance. Be mindful of the people around you, when classes are at full capacity, quarters can be extremely close. Be mindful of your own body going into inversions, and try to keep your body over your own mat. The room gets hot! Stay aware of how you are feeling. If the room gets too hot, get some water, and step outside. Feel free to lay down on your mat! Yoga is not a competitive sport, it is about self love and self awareness. Feel your body, you know how far you can go and don't push it too hard. Keep all valuables locked in your car. Just like Maui Hot Yoga is not responsible for your actions, we are also not responsible for the actions of others. We love you, and love helping you to find oneness.. body, mind, and spirit! Namaste!

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  • 115 East Lipoa Street, Kihei, HI 96753, USA


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