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The Best Workout on Island!- Maui News

I love Maui Hot Yoga! Once I found this studio I never looked back. In a year I lost over 130 pounds and I gained my life back. I couldn't have done it without the help of James & Mary and the entire staff at Maui Hot Yoga!

your friend for life, Dave 


Thank you for the wonderful yoga teacher training and bringing your love and knowledge of yoga to me. Thank you for making all my classes a learning teaching experience and pushing me to be better. Under such intensive training, you have really prepared me and inspired me to keep growing as a yoga instructor. I can't wait to continue this yoga journey with you and bring the knowledge I have learned so far to others.

With Love,


  • Yoga Testimonial

    I want to start by thanking both Mary Grace and James Onnikian for accepting me into the program and believing in me along the way. Many years ago I started on a path to become a teacher but did not finish, so I thought I was too old to be an instructor, but they did not. Once I found the healing properties of Hot Yoga, the Teacher Training program at Yoga Oasis, and Mary and James, I knew I was in the right place. Mary and

    James have such a passion for their own continuing education and a gift of passing their knowledge onto us. They are true teachers. They help lead you down the path that offers what you personally need most, and somewhere along that path you become ready to receive it. They made the training such a communion on multiple levels: with my inner self on a meditative level, with my body on a physical level, with my fellow

    teachers in training, and with my fellow practitioners at Yoga Oasis. It was a total immersion of love and light and healing and giving. I have learned so much, and now I am ready to channel the Divine energy, and to share my passion for the yogic lifestyle and the healing properties of hot yoga.

    With gratitude and grace,



Testimonial of our Yoga Teacher Training:  


Where do I begin.  I believe that fate brought me to Maui to Mary and James.  The training I received, the experience I encountered, and the love, acceptance and support I was given has been transforming for me.  I began this program as an almost broken young woman who had lost my way, my confidence, my faith and my “self.”  This was,, by far, the most challenging experience I have had, and I will be forever grateful to Mary and James for seeing me through it all.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost four years ago.  I had spent the past four year in agony, a truly lost soul.  I knew that yoga was good for me, but I could not bring myself to take the path of Yoga as a lifestyle.  But in the path of Yoga, everything happens at the time it is supposed to happen.  For me that time was now and it was with Mary and James.  I truly believe I have found myself, or at least I have started on the right path, for Yoga is a lifetime of practice.  I feel the symptoms of my MS dissipate gradually each day as I practice and meditate.  Through Mary and James, I learned the healing power of Yoga and I gained the confidence and knowledge to share this beautiful experience with others through teaching.  It is my hope to help others, especially those with disease and disability, for there is a better way, a better lifestyle and a better life in just need to be ready for the journey.  I could not imagine doing  this this if it were not for this training with these two wonderful teachers/mentors/gurus who gave me this precious gift: an inspirational and transformational training program that I will cherish and honor forever.


I just want to thank both Mary Grace and James Onnikian for their constant support and faith in me.  Thank you both so much for always challenging me, pushing me to always excel to the next level, never giving up on me, and finally always continually giving me the positive feedback and at times, the tough love that I needed that helped see me through to the end of this training.  I will forever be grateful to you both.  


This program has had the most profound effect on my life, and while I feel as though I am without a doubt, a work in progress, I now now however,  have reinstilled confidence in myself and the ability to overcome anything life throws my way.  I came to Maui a relatively broken person, with disease in my body and hurt in my heart.  I can now feel my body ridding itself of toxins and disease and know that I will see the day that I will be disease free, and that will truly be a day to celebrate, as will every day here on out!



"once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places it if you look at it right"

~scarlet begonias, Grateful Dead