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Sage teaches an ecstatic and eclectic blend of Yoga and Movement Practices. Along with weekly Yoga classes, she facilitates 200 and 300 Yoga teacher trainings, Ceremonies, Rewilding Tantra retreats, and offers Radiant Embodiment coaching, all supporting people in awakening and remembering the pleasure, peace and love that is their true nature. With Sage’s intuitive and unconditional loving presence, reconnection with your body, sexuality, and creativity naturally emerge. Grounded in integrity, pleasure, connection and love, you can open to the richness of life’s experiences and become radiantly embodied. 

Sage has studied, participated in, and facilitated an eclectic blend of ceremonies & rituals, healing modalities, performance, and spiritual practices including Theater, Yoga, Tantra, Qigong, Contact Improv, poetry & performance, Women's circles, sweat lodge, fasting, pilgrimage and visioning around the world, from Montana, to California, throughout Central and South America, and West Africa. Sage graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Theater and Hispanic studies, then continued her education at UC Irvine where she earned her Masters of Fine Arts in Acting and Performance. She also has 2 years of training in Human Psychology & Therapy at the Masters level, and has certifications in Neurolinguistics, Timeline Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique.  

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